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Yanqing Longqing Valley ice over the years are very famous. The ice lantern festival theme although different, but shun dam Mashimo 's marvelous sight, but year after year retention, 70 meters tall giant dam down on great icefall, ornaments, under ice icicles, forming a fly flow Qianchi sparkling snow park. The beautiful Longqing Valley Ice Lantern Festival, give visitors a happy. Longqing Valley is always held once a year in the ice lantern festival. Longqing Valley ice, out to do their own characteristics. Over the years the ice has a different theme, a group of lanterns, lantern, which contains rich people 's wisdom and creativity, and to give people the enjoyment of the United states. Coupled with the sound, light, electricity and the ingenious design, so that Longqing Valley Ice Lantern Artistic charm.