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If you like Chinese performance art such as Chinese acrobatics, Kung-Fu or Beijing Opera, We can help you make reservations.
(the theatres approximately
 opens at 5:30-7:30Pm, If you need we can take you to there at the end of tour)

Highlight: Beijing Opera is the treasure of Chinese traditional culture. Don’t miss  it, never! 

The Beijing Opera is a traditional form of night entertainment that combines music, singing, mime, dance and acrobatics. The Opera was very popular in the Qing Dynasty and has come to be regarded as on of China’s culture treasures.


Important Tips and Notices

Please do not believe the “warm-hearted” guides or drivers (especially in railway station) and book your day visit from a legal travel agency.
Asking to take picture with you is normal and friendly, it isn’t about scams.
Bring toilet paper because most bathrooms don’t have any.
China is a cash society. Credit cards are rarely accepted, not even in restaurants, large department stores, or major tourist destinations. Change your money at the airport. It’s relatively hard to do afterwards.