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BaDaLing and JuYongGuan pass are two different parts. But JuYongGuan pass located on the way to BaDaLing, about 10KM between each other.

The Great Wall is a symblo of Chinese civilization, and one of the wonders that Chinese people have created. The most representative part. was promoted as a key national cultural relic, protected under the approval of the state Council in 1961. In 1988, it was enlisted in the World Cultural Heritage Directionry by UNESCO.

BaDaLing is si tuated in YangQing County, north of Beijing. It is the most well-preserved section of the Great Wall, built during the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644). This section with an average altitude of over 1,000 meters is the outpost of the JuYongGuan pass. The mountain slope is very steep and the roads are tortuous. These features made it a military stronghold Badaling Great Wall is like a strong draon winding it's way along the mountain ranges.

The Great Wall originally functioned as a fortification. As early as the Qin Dynasty(221BC-206BC), QinShiHunag, the first emperor of Qin Dynasty unified the whole nation and began to build the Great Wall to protect China's borders from the intrution of the northern namadic tribes. Most parts of the preserved Badaling Great Wall were built and reinforced furing the Ming Dynasty to defend the capital against the intrution of Mongolian people. The sructure of the wall consists of huge bar-stones and bricks. The inside of wall has been formed by tampering earth and small stones. which make the wall very firm and strong. Internally, the wall is about 6 meters wide, which would allow horses to gallop 5 abreast. A number of small holes have been drilled on the wall to allow archers to shoot arrows. There is a barreal-drain and a moat both inside and outside the wall. In a word, military fortification has been paremount in the sonsideration of every wall detail.

Badaling   Sacred Way 

The  Sacred Way, or the Tomb Path, lies behind the Big Palace Gate. A 7-kilometer long sacred pathway leads from the south to the north, all the way to the Gate of the Changling. A pair of stone pillars, twelve pairs' of stone animals, and six pairs of stone statues stand to the north of the Tablet House. These stone animals and statues were made in the 10th year of XuanDe(1435AD). They reflect his imperial power when he was alive and his imperial dignity after he was deceased. The animals and statues were created using whole blocks of the stone weighing a couple of tons and each was delicately and masterfully carved.

​BaDaLing Or Juyong Pass sightseeing(Full day, 8-9 hours)
►Pick-up from your accommodation around 08:30 h (earlier/later if you prefer).
►About 1-1.5 hours drive to Badaling. We can stop for breakfast along the way if you need.
►Visiting Badaling for about 2-3 hours .
Drive to Sacred Way, About 1 hour to stay there.
►Drive back to Beijing.
►Drop-off at your accommodation around 18:00 h.

Vehicle Number of guests Price
car 1-4 750 (RMB)
van 4-6 900 (RMB)
•All price include taxes, petrol, toll fee and parking.
•Payment in full at the end of service and can be made in RMB, USD or EUR.
•No credit card, please.
•A deposit is not necessary.