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The Great Wall Juyongguan is connested with the Badaling Great Wall in the north, situated in the middle of a long valley with mountains as its east and west walls, this pass had played a stratigic defense role in ancient times, served as a natural barrier to the capital of Yuan (1271-1368) and Ming (1368-1644) Dynasties. Therefore, immediately after the founding of his reign, Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, ordered the pass to be rebuilt to protect the borders from intrusions of the Mongolian tribe. Many fierce battles were fought in Juyongguan Pass of Great Wall.
In the middle of Juyongguan Pass lies a high platform called 'Cloud Platform', which is made of white marble. In the Yuan Dynasty, three stone towers were built on the platform. At the end of Yuan Dynasty, they were burnt down. Later, a temple called 'Tai'an' was built on the site, but it was burnt down during the reign of Emperor Kang Xi of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), after which only the platform remained. Inside the platform is an arched doorway. On the walls of the doorway, the statues of four heavenly gods and sutra scriptures are carved

Juyongguan Pass is not just a military stronghold, but also a beautiful scenic spot. Around the pass, beautiful flowers and lush trees dot the mountains. A splendid picture! As early as the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), it was named as one of the eight best scenery of Beijing.
 JuYongguan Pass   Ming Tomb

The Ming tombs are situated at the foot of the Heavenly Longevith Mountain in the north part of Changping District, Beijing. It is called the Ming Tombs

Juyong Pass & Ming Tombs sightseeing(Full day, 8-9 hours)
►Pick-up from your accommodation around 08:30 h (earlier/later if you prefer).
►About 1-1.5 hours drive to Badaling. We can stop for breakfast along the way if you need.
►Visiting Badaling for about 2-3 hours .
Drive to Sacred Way, About 1 hour to stay there.
►Drive back to Beijing.
►Drop-off at your accommodation around 18:00 h.

Vehicle Number of guests Price
car 1-4 600 (RMB)
van 4-7 750 (RMB)
•All price include taxes, petrol, toll fee and parking.
•Payment in full at the end of service and can be made in RMB, USD or EUR.
•No credit card, please.
•A deposit is not necessary.