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With over 7 years in this industry and a lifetime of local knowledge, let us show you how to enjoy your trip in beijing!
By reading our testimonials on Tripadvisor, you will you that we provide a great service to all clients. people keeping telling that they chose us for our competetive pricing, but that doesn't mean we cut the quality of our service. do drop us an email and we will have the best price quote for you!
we offer pre-set tours to the Great wall of China or Beijing city or even custom make personalised tours according to your preferences or schedule. No mater you are coming Beijing for a short layover or an extend stay, we have you covered.

Have a look on our various tour opotions on the menu, includeing one-day Beijing city tours, a Tianjin City tour and even Chengde city tour. In order to accommodate your needs, we also offer Beijing personal car/vehicle rental services, including airport transfers, railway station transfers, Tianjin seaport transfers and special occasiona.

My partner and I, kelly have worked as tour guide since 2009 and we love meeting prople from all over the world and show them the best of my country, China!
Beijing has so much to offer, including famous attractions. such as TianAnMen Square, Forbidden city, Summer palace, Temple of Heaven, The Great Wall of China, and Confucius' temole,At these locations you can get a hint of China's unique culture. Besides, we could take you to watch the Beijing opera, Kung-Fu or Chinese Acrobatics. you could experience the charm of facial make-up and some of china's ancient entertainment at the same time. Do let us know, and we can even make the reservation for you!
If you are not interested in a Beijing highlight tour, we also have authentic and real "private beijing tours" for you. Being an outdoor sports lover, you would like to hike the great wall of China with our wild wall Route. if you only have a short time here, we have layover tours or a night tour for you as well.

We can organise a tour as short as a couple of hours, one day, or even an extended period. Do maximise your 72-hour visa free transit in Beijing and book a layover tour. have a look at tour most popular Beijing private tours-great wall tour and private tours Beijing-city tour, feel free to contact us to arrange your personalised itinerary! We promised to provide heart-warming service and make your trip memorable at tour very best. Xie xie ni(thank you) for your time and looking forward to see you in China!

Have a good look at our most popular
Beijing private tours-great wall tour and Private tours Beijing-city tourfeel free to contact us to arrange your personalised itinerary!