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The Great Wall of Jiankou (wild area)

The Great Wall of JianKOU was built in Ming Dynasty, located in HuaiRou district. it needs about 2-2.5 hours driving from BeiJing to here(depends on the traffic).

The feature of JianKou: unique style, steep mountains and beautiful scenery. JianKou has become a photographic hotspot and also a hot travel destination recently.  "Jiankou" is translated as "Arrow Nock" in English, because the shape of the mountain is like an arrow, with the collapsed ridge opening as its arrow nock.

Located in the ountain ridge of Xizhazi Village, about 30km(19miles) to HuaiRou district in BeiJing. JianKou Great Wall was an important section of the wall in Ming Dynasty(1368-1644). owning to the need for renovation,the wall is regarded as one of the most dangerous sections of the Ming's wall. It connects to Mutianu in the east and joins Huanghuacheng in the west. from east to north, the wall zigzags 9.3 miles from The Ox Horn Edge Wall to The Nine-Eye Tower' via 'The Beijing Knot', compared with Mutianyu Great Wall, the mountain is higher and steeper, while compared with Simatai Great Wall, it is more winding and varied. it was built from the local material-dolomite. the large pieces of white rock make the wall striking to the eye at a distance.

There are many famous sections of Jiankou Great Wall, such as "Nine-Eye Tower", an important command post during the ancient wars. it has three layers, and there are nine holes which look like nine eyes on each side. "The Beijing Knot" is the meeting point for three wall coming from different directions. "The Sky Stair", is a precipitous stair whose angle of elevation is 70 to 80 degrees. it leads to "The eagle Fles Facing Upward", a watch tower built ton the lofty peaks. it is so dangerous that even eagles have to fly facing upward to reach the top. "Zhengbei Tower" is the right place to appreciate the beautiy of the sunrise and the sunset.

Jian Kou Section   Jian Kou Section


Great Wall at JianKou Sightseeing [full day, 8-9 hours]

►Pick-up from your accommodation around 08:30 h (earlier/later if you prefer).

►About 2-2.5 hours drive to Huanghuacheng. We can stop for breakfast along the way if
    you need.

►Visiting Mutianyu for about 3 hours .
►Drive back to Beijing.
►Drop-off at your accommodation around 18:00 h.

Vehicle Number of guests Price
car 1-4 850 (RMB)
van 4-7 1000 (RMB)
•All price include taxes, petrol, toll fee and parking.
•Payment in full at the end of service and can be made in RMB, USD or EUR.
•No credit card, please.
•A deposit is not necessary.