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The Great Wall Ju Yong Guan Pass is connected to the Badaling Great Wall in the north. Situated in the middle of a long valley with, this pass had played a strategic defence role in ancient times and served as a natural barrier to the capital of Yuan (1271-1368) and Ming (1368-1644) Dynasties.

In the middle of Ju Yong Guan Pass lies a high platform called 'Cloud Platform', which is made of white marble. Ju Yong Guan Pass is not just a military stronghold, but also a beautiful scenic spot. The Ming tombs are situated at the foot of the Mountain.

What you need to know about this tour:

Duration 9 hours / day
Price 1 - 4 Pax 4 -6 Pax
600 RMB 750 RMB
Price Includes  Taxes, petrol, toll and parking fees
Price Excludes   Entrance fees to all attractions